Television Work

With a long history of high-rating TV segments produced in the very competitive New York City media arena and North America, we feel confident to realize any request you may have. We use the latest broadcast quality digital film cameras and can capture footage in any format you may need.


Richard Branson
Wyclef Jean
Tommy Hilfiger
Ralf Lauren
Naomi Campbell
Sharon Stone
Barbara Orbison
Lindsey Lohan
Pamela Anderson
Anna Nicole Smith
Donald Trump
Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Wladimir Klitschko
Richard Gere
Heidi Klum

Thomas Kretschmann
Bebel Gilberto
Giselle Bundchen
Karolina Kurkova
Bob Geldorf
Petra Nemkova
Kate Moss
Liz Hurley
Britney Spears
Paris Hilton
Nicky Hilton
Kristin Stewart
Donatella Versace
Michael Sheen

Roberto Cavalli
Placido Domingo
Laila Ali
Back Street Boys
Kira Chaplin
Diane Krüger
Siegfried & Roy
Elizabeth Jagger
Joan Rivers
Jennifer Lopez
Ute Lemper
David LaChapelle
Ritchie Rich
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Thomas Gottschalk
Ralf Möller
Tommy Haas
Jay Leno
Robert DeNiro
Emma Roberts
Mary G. Blidge
Alec Baldwin
Stephen King
Lady Gaga
Lizzy Caplan

And many more …


Human Interests

  • Deutschlands große Clans: Die Oetker-Story, ZDF,
    New York Producer
  • Incarcenated Psychopaths re-offend 90% after release.
    Should they go free? Ever?
  • Millionaire devotes life to helping homeless in NYC.
  • Protease Inhibitors change Aids Treatment.
  • Viagra segment during trial period.
  • High IQ prevents man to join the police force.
  • Lymphoderma treatment.
  • German family seeks political asylum in US to home school their children.
  • Behind the scene of a child peagant.
  • Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows (many)
  • Concourse deElegance Pebble Beach – where classic cars collectors meet every year.
  • Behind the scenes at the Hampton Classics.
  • Behind the scenes at the Hamptons Polo Games.
  • Behind the scenes at the Hamptons Film festivals.
  • Following a Transgender changing his body.
  • Plastic Surgery, rejuvenations and reconstructive surgeries.
  • 09/11 coverage for 4 months.
  • “High Voltage’s” weight-loss programs for juveniles in NYC.
  • Polar Bears in Hudson Bay invading town of Churchill.
  • Coverage of volcano on Montserrat.
  • Behind the scene at Miami’s Fashion shows.
  • Kurt Gutenbrunner, successful star German Chef in NYC.
  • ‘Body Brokers’ body parts obtained and sold illegally in NYC.
  • Taser guns misused in Southampton, NY by police.
  • First US face transplant in Boston.
  • Stalking law changes in Los Angeles.
  • Moonshine Kids – rare disorder allows kids to only play in the dark
  • Umbilical cord’s blood used to heal siblings
  • Notorious Sheriff Arpario
  • 75 years old woman only eats own home grown food and looks 40 years younger.
  • Portrait on Sing Sing Prison.
  • Portrait on late Iraq soldier Spencer Carol.
  • Surrogate mothers – lucrative for stundents.
  • Egg donations becomes – lucrative for students.
  • Portrait about an American Sniper.
  • Amy Chua – The Tiger Mum.
  • Bugs – the growing trend as a protein resource.
  • 60+ women: fitter and youthful via training.

… and many more.

  • "While producing a documentary about America before the election, we needed to find two high-caliber protagonists in New York City within 24 hours. Within a few hours Sabine found and secured two personalities which completely exceeded our expectations. When in need for any TV production in New York, Sabine is the person to contact".

    Silke Gondolf Director 'America - undisclosed’,  ZDF German TV
  • "Since 1996 Sabine Anton was one of our freelance reporters in our RTL Television New York Buero. In the aftermath of 9/11 she proved to be a fundamental asset to our team. Her reporter work was very professional. Without pausing for months she produced numerous emotional news segments under quite difficult circumstances."

    Christof Lang Studioleiter, Landesstudio Süd RTL & n-tv, Formerly RTL TV Buero Chief New York
  • “Sabine’s knowledge of New York, her excellent connections paired with a strong story-telling skill, plus a collegial attitude added greatly to the success of our TV series about New York City”.

    Heike and Norbert Güldenpfenning Producers, Güldenpfennig TV Productions