Charity Films

Moving pictures are compelling because they represent a very visual and visceral way to both inform and entertain. Our team has a lot of experience making successful PSAs and fundraising DRTV spots at reasonable prices. We can help facilitate and lead your organization to a place where you raise awareness for your campaigns and leave a more memorable and lasting impression. Our mission is to help you to connect your Foundation to potential donors, so you can help those in need.

A Sarcoma survivor speaks out

Life is Precious 2014

Sarcoma Foundation of America

ACE – Employment Programs for the Homeless in New York City

  • "Thanks to the video that Sabine Anton produced for ACE, a NYC Employment Program for the Homeless, we were able to raise both awareness, and the necessary funds to continue our programs.  Sabine was able to accurately portray the important work that ACE does with homeless men and women from all over New York City.  We plan to use the video that she created for years to come".

    Henry Buhl Founder, ACE

Future Without MS

  • “This video has helped tremendously to raise awareness and to find more funding for our MS research laboratory dedicated to finding the cause of and cure for multiple sclerosis.”

    Saud A. Sadiq MD, FAAN is the Director and Chief Research Scientist of the Tisch MS Research Center of New York

Michael Burkhardt’s fight against his brain cancer

  • "The video made an incredible impact, not only in our fund-a-grant efforts shortly after, but with our pharmaceutical sponsors that we had at the event. The Merck table at the Charity Event was so moved they want to show the video to their employees at the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology Meeting. Merck with another company called Ariad a few months ago completed one of the largest studies every performed in sarcoma and are now working with the FDA to get in approved. The fact that one of the largest companies in the world is interested in sarcoma and that they are showing your video to all of their staff attending this huge meeting is just phenomenal and adds to our partnership. It is now on the front page of our website and giving people hope and courage to keep on fighting". 

    Matthew Alsante Executive Director, Sarcoma Foundation of America