About Sabine Anton

Sabine Anton is the founder of Sabine Anton Productions, a television and video production company based in New York City. Over the past twenty-two years, her proven creativity, thirst for knowledge, and can-do attitude have helped her build a highly successful enterprise in TV journalism, one of the most competitive markets. She is a gifted communicator, with a well-established track record of creating informative and entertaining narratives.

Born in East Berlin in 1965, Sabine remembers a blissful childhood, until her world was turned upside down by being denied college admission and television apprenticeships simply because of her contacts with relatives residing in West Germany. Unable to further her education, she requested permission to emigrate, but was denied. Her subsequent efforts resulted in the imposition of an eighteen-month sentence, for allegedly distributing information detrimental to East Germany’s reputation abroad, which she served in the notorious political prison, Bautzen II. Eventually freed in 1987, as a result of efforts by the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Sabine moved to West Berlin, where she studied design. After working for four years in Asia, she moved to New York City in 1995, and found her way into journalism and television reporting, working for a variety of networks.

Sabine has since broadened her portfolio to include numerous, custom-made films for charities and corporate and promotional websites, and ones reflecting the personal biographies of private clients worldwide. She provides highly personalized services, tailor-made and cost-effective products, by calling on a broad network of experts on a project-by-project basis. Her exceptional managerial skills allow her to effectively direct multiple projects at once.

Sabine’s expertise has been recognized by the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and she proudly serves as a judge for its International EMMY Awards.

ARTE TV, Germany
A studio visit with Dominique Pollès, a French sculptor living in Pietrasanta, Tuscany. He is considered as the inventor of the “Organic Cubism.”

Client Testimonials

  • "Thanks to the video that Sabine Anton produced for ACE, a NYC Employment Program for the Homeless, we were able to raise both awareness, and the necessary funds to continue our programs.  Sabine was able to accurately portray the important work that ACE does with homeless men and women from all over New York City.  We plan to use the video that she created for years to come".

    Henry Buhl Founder, ACE
  • "The video made an incredible impact, not only in our fund-a-grant efforts shortly after, but with our pharmaceutical sponsors that we had at the event. The Merck table at the Charity Event was so moved they want to show the video to their employees at the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology Meeting. Merck with another company called Ariad a few months ago completed one of the largest studies every performed in sarcoma and are now working with the FDA to get in approved. The fact that one of the largest companies in the world is interested in sarcoma and that they are showing your video to all of their staff attending this huge meeting is just phenomenal and adds to our partnership. It is now on the front page of our website and giving people hope and courage to keep on fighting". 

    Matthew Alsante Executive Director, Sarcoma Foundation of America
  • “This video has helped tremendously to raise awareness and to find more funding for our MS research laboratory dedicated to finding the cause of and cure for multiple sclerosis.”

    Saud A. Sadiq MD, FAAN is the Director and Chief Research Scientist of the Tisch MS Research Center of New York
  • "This video helped my business to grow globally.  Sabine’s strategic mindset and creativity was very helpful from inception of the script through managing a proven crew of camera people and narrators. This video is a first class product and continues to be a major part of or marketing campaign. Sabine and her company is a true, affordable one-stop shop."

    Christine DeSimone CEO Future Care, Inc.
  • "I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful documentary on my life. Your well-researched and entertaining portrayal is a testament to your talent, creativity and hard work. My family and I cherish the wonderful memories you have created for us, and would like to express our profound gratitude".

    Christian Wölffer
  • "We needed a comprehensible and powerful message placing our innovative Pharmacogenetics Program with peers and the public. Sabine delivered a knockout video."

    Erwin Böttinger Mt. Sinai Hospital, NY. Director Charles Bronfman Institut NYC for Personalized Medicine
  • “For some of our clients it was not fathomable how old our antique fabrics are. This video is helping our sales team tremendously to better explain our product than any words could do it.”

    Karin Folk Sales Manager, Rags2Riches Design  NYC
  • "Since 1996 Sabine Anton was one of our freelance reporters in our RTL Television New York Buero. In the aftermath of 9/11 she proved to be a fundamental asset to our team. Her reporter work was very professional. Without pausing for months she produced numerous emotional news segments under quite difficult circumstances."

    Christof Lang Studioleiter, Landesstudio Süd RTL & n-tv, Formerly RTL TV Buero Chief New York
  • My father was a catholic and a pacifist, yet because of his drawing skills he was sent to work as a cartograph for Hitler at the Eastern Front Head Quarter Wolfsschanze. To preserve how he experienced the Second World War, a lot of injustice but also a lot of luck and joy in his life was important to us, his children. We are forever grateful and know that the next generations will be at aw just as much as we were listening to our father.

    Thomas Wolters
  • “Sabine’s knowledge of New York, her excellent connections paired with a strong story-telling skill, plus a collegial attitude added greatly to the success of our TV series about New York City”.

    Heike and Norbert Güldenpfenning Producers, Güldenpfennig TV Productions
  • "You live your life you are so busy that you often don't really appreciate your life. Sabine's film gave us the ability to see our lives in a new way and reflect how lucky we have been. When we were setting up I was wondering if the process would be disruptive. But instead it was very easy to work with her, and very relaxed”.

    Elaine Ravich
  • "Sabine’s film about my life emphasized what is really important to me. She brought a clarity of my life. This film presents my life in a more meaningful fashion. I was very pleased with the result of her work”.

    Alex Rosenberg
  • "A Biobank is an essential research tool for the future of Medicine. Nobody could have explained this better than Sabine did in the fantastic video she produced for us."

    Erwin Böttinger Mt. Sinai Hospital, NY. Director Charles Bronfman Institut NYC for Personalized Medicine
  • "While producing a documentary about America before the election, we needed to find two high-caliber protagonists in New York City within 24 hours. Within a few hours Sabine found and secured two personalities which completely exceeded our expectations. When in need for any TV production in New York, Sabine is the person to contact".

    Silke Gondolf Director 'America - undisclosed’,  ZDF German TV
  • "We were so lucky to collaborate with Sabine. This fundraising video includes the history and importance of our department, the activities of the department, the faculty practice and the clinic. It continues to greatly raise awareness of our groundbreaking research results and clinical trials."

    Douglas D. Altchek Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai Health System, specializing in Dermatology
  • "I was amazed how skillfully Sabine assembled the interview parts, old film clips and my photos. It is impressive how professional and self-sufficient she works. She is reliable, trustworthy, and caring, a true professional. Sabine created an unusually great gift for all members of my family and friends.  I recommend her services to you without any reservation. She also started me on the road to my new career: acting.


    Fred Howard
  • "Sabine really captured the energy and experience of Casa del las Olas down to a tee. We’ve already gotten such fantastic feedback from other friends of Olas and new clients."

    Sam Shendow Creative Director