Business Films

Online videos have emerged as one of the best ways to get your story across to potential costumers and employees. They offer a great way to reach large audiences, convey your core message and drive traffic to your site while maximizing measurable returns on your marketing investment. Working for over 20 years for market leading TV networks, we know how to concentrate on keeping your film sharp, short and engaging, just like a news segment. We work closely with your marketing team to reveal the key elements that should be in your video. Our experience allows us to quickly find and add relevant stock-footage and music scores to lower your production cost.

One Size Does Not Fit All

  • "We needed a comprehensible and powerful message placing our innovative Pharmacogenetics Program with peers and the public. Sabine delivered a knockout video."

    Erwin Böttinger Mt. Sinai Hospital, NY. Director Charles Bronfman Institut NYC for Personalized Medicine

When high blood pressure can lead to kidney failure

  • "A Biobank is an essential research tool for the future of Medicine. Nobody could have explained this better than Sabine did in the fantastic video she produced for us."

    Erwin Böttinger Mt. Sinai Hospital, NY. Director Charles Bronfman Institut NYC for Personalized Medicine

Caring for a Crew Program

  • "This video helped my business to grow globally.  Sabine’s strategic mindset and creativity was very helpful from inception of the script through managing a proven crew of camera people and narrators. This video is a first class product and continues to be a major part of or marketing campaign. Sabine and her company is a true, affordable one-stop shop."

    Christine DeSimone CEO Future Care, Inc.

Bringing groundbreaking results of research and clinical trials into practice at Mount Sinai Hospital’s Department of Dermatology

  • "We were so lucky to collaborate with Sabine. This fundraising video includes the history and importance of our department, the activities of the department, the faculty practice and the clinic. It continues to greatly raise awareness of our groundbreaking research results and clinical trials."

    Douglas D. Altchek Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai Health System, specializing in Dermatology

‘Casa de las Olas’, House of the waves in Tulum, Mexico

  • "Sabine really captured the energy and experience of Casa del las Olas down to a tee. We’ve already gotten such fantastic feedback from other friends of Olas and new clients."

    Sam Shendow Creative Director

The Making of a Rags 2 Riches Pillow in New York City

  • “For some of our clients it was not fathomable how old our antique fabrics are. This video is helping our sales team tremendously to better explain our product than any words could do it.”

    Karin Folk Sales Manager, Rags2Riches Design  NYC