Personal Biography Films

A bespoke biography on film is one of the most exclusive ways to pay tribute to a family’s heritage. Ms. Anton’s creative and colorful collages of personal interviews, photographs and background footage tell a unique story that preserves memories for generations to come.

The Making of a personal biography with Fred Howard

  • "I was amazed how skillfully Sabine assembled the interview parts, old film clips and my photos. It is impressive how professional and self-sufficient she works. She is reliable, trustworthy, and caring, a true professional. Sabine created an unusually great gift for all members of my family and friends.  I recommend her services to you without any reservation. She also started me on the road to my new career: acting.


    Fred Howard

Alex Rosenberg

  • "Sabine’s film about my life emphasized what is really important to me. She brought a clarity of my life. This film presents my life in a more meaningful fashion. I was very pleased with the result of her work”.

    Alex Rosenberg

Christian Wölffer

  • "I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful documentary on my life. Your well-researched and entertaining portrayal is a testament to your talent, creativity and hard work. My family and I cherish the wonderful memories you have created for us, and would like to express our profound gratitude".

    Christian Wölffer

Elaine & David Ravich

  • "You live your life you are so busy that you often don't really appreciate your life. Sabine's film gave us the ability to see our lives in a new way and reflect how lucky we have been. When we were setting up I was wondering if the process would be disruptive. But instead it was very easy to work with her, and very relaxed”.

    Elaine Ravich

Karl Wolters Biography

  • My father was a catholic and a pacifist, yet because of his drawing skills he was sent to work as a cartograph for Hitler at the Eastern Front Head Quarter Wolfsschanze. To preserve how he experienced the Second World War, a lot of injustice but also a lot of luck and joy in his life was important to us, his children. We are forever grateful and know that the next generations will be at aw just as much as we were listening to our father.

    Thomas Wolters

ABC Television, Florida

Personal biography clients are interviewed by a local ABC TV station in Florida.

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